Navy Seabee Veterans of America

Island X-1 Kearney, NE 

July 13th, 2013 Reunion – Aurora Vet’s Club

Commander Bill Williams called the business meeting to order, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. Chaplin Roger Miner, gave the invocation prayer.  The Preamble to the Constitution of the Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc. was recited by the membership.

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Miller, presented the “minutes” from the July 14th, 2012 meeting. (Richard Lush made the motion to accept the minutes - 2nd by Bob Proctor)  (Motion unanimously accepted).

Jim Miller reported a current balance of $955.28 in the Island X-1 checking account as of July 12, 2013. Bill Williams reported that we are 773.09 “in the black” in PayPal account as of July 2013.  (which processes our bronze Seabee flag holders/seals sales).

A Special Thanks to Billy Graham and Jimmy Hough for providing the donuts and coffee!

The lunch was provided by Billy Graham and his wife.  Free will donations were collected from the members.  Thanks for a great lunch!

New Members

Our Island welcomed seven new members! Dean Connett, John Wilson, Thomas Lindquist, Robert Sauser, Henry White, Jim Townsley, and a new life member, Don Estes.  We hope for several more new members next year!

Use of the Vet’s Club is now $75.00. A motion was made (by Bob Proctor and seconded  byJimmy Hough) to have our Treasurer write a check for $75.00 to the Aurora Vets Club from the Island. (Motion passed unanimously).

Old Business

The Island purchased a brick at Port Hueneme, CA

New Business

It was decided to explore the use of a Robo Call Plan for the Island.  Bill Williams would be in charge of implementation.  (Motion made by Don Estes, seconded by Bob Proctor).  (Motion passed unanimously).

Galen Young reported on maintenance of SeeBee Memorial in Lincoln.  An arm rest was suggested by him to keep skate boarders off of the monument bench.  A motion was made by Bill Farmer to approve up to $250.00 for making this rest.  Motion seconded by Richard Lush. Motion passed.

Bob Proctor gave a report on T-shirts for the Island and recommended ordering two dozen.  Approximate cost $400.00.  All agreed that if possible the shirts should be American Made.  A motion to approve money for the shirts was made by (Roger Miner, Seconded by Jim Hough)  Motion passed unanimously).

(Motion was made by Don Estes, Seconded Jim Townsley) to give $250.00 one of our broze plaques to the Gulf Port Seabee Museum.  (Motion passed unanimously)

Motion made by (Henry White, seconded by Dean Yeager) to send Roger Miner to National next year (pay registration).  Roger went last year and declined to accept money for the registration.  (Motion passed unanimously).

It was discussed that the USS Hazard needs help from CE or EM volunteers.  Those who can volunteer, contact Carol Applegate.

Election of Officers

Officers for 2013-14 were discussed and names nominated. Bill Williams was elected as Commander. Bob Proctor was elected as Senior Vice Commander. Both were the only nominees and both were elected by unanimous vote.  Jim Miller accepted the appointment to remain as Secretary/Treasurer with the stipulation that someone step forward to help learn the ropes of the office.  Jim would like to step down next year if possible.  Roger Miner was again appointed as Chaplain.

These officers for 2013-2014 were sworn in by Commander Williams.

”CAN DO” Meeting adjourned by Commander Williams and a tribute was paid to our flag by the members.            Respectfully Submitted,


Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Miller


Commander, Bill Williams

NOTE: As of the July 17, 2012 Deposit, there was a total of $1,911.36 in the Island X-1 account. (Profit from sale of bronze Seabee flag holders/seals, is included). Bills to be paid are for annual member’s dues to National.

Notice #1 - Next Year’s Reunion

Saturday, July12th 2014                          Muster   0900 hours





Note:  24 members signed the Official Muster Sheet for the 2013 SeaBee Reunion.  Four spouses were also in attendance.