Navy Seabee Veterans of America

Island X-1      Kearney, NE

July 9th, 2011 Reunion

Aurora Vet’s Club - Aurora, NE


Commander Dean Jaeger called the business meeting to order, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  In the absence of Chaplin Roger Miner, Commander Jaeger also gave the invocation prayer.


Secretary/Treasurer Jim Miller, presented the “minutes” from the July 10th, 2010 meeting.  Richard Myers made the motion to accept the minutes.  2nd by Bill Farmer,  Unanimously accepted.  Jim Miller reported a current balance of $607.00 in the Island X-1 checking account.  There were no outstanding bills at this time. 


A Special Thanks to Billy Graham and Jimmy Hough for providing the donuts and coffee!    


A free will offering for lunch was collected from the membership.  The lunch was provided by Billy Graham and his wife.  Thanks for a great lunch!  

Use of the Vet’s Club is now $75.00 and a check was written from the Island account for this amount.


New Members

Our Island welcomed three new members! 

Justin Dimmitt - Henry Hall - and Henry White. 

We hope several more new members will be with us next year.


Seabee Plaque/Flag Holder


As decided by the members in the 2010 business meeting, Bill Williams and John Gogan reported on the possibility of our Island developing a plaque that could be placed on graves, etc.  


After the presentation and much discussion, the membership approved the design, from several options provided by Bill Williams, for a Seabee Plaque/Flag Holder mold. 

$805.00 was received in donations from the membership to pay for the creation of this mold, which will cost $750.00.


A motion was made (Gailen Young, 2nd – Jimmy Hough) to authorize Centec Cast Metal Products, Fremont, OH to go ahead with the creation of a "3D Mold".  (Motion passed by unanimous vote) 


Ownership of this mold was discussed and members were in agreement that by authorizing and purchasing the creation of this mold, our N.S.V.A., Island X-1, Kearney, NE should own this mold and that we should control the production of all plaques/flag holders created from this mold.  A motion was made to this effect, (Richard Lush, 2nd – Gene Weber) and that we also should reserve the right to establish the retail purchase price, beyond the cost of the production of individual plaques/flag holders as established by Centec. 


Members passed this motion and unanimously agreed, to establish the retail price to include mark-up for our Island of $10.00 per plaque/flag holder, whether they are color or bronze etc.


In a final motion concerning the plaque, it was moved (Jim Glasgow, 2nd –Bill Farmer) that in the event that our Island should ever become defunct, the ownership of this mold shall automatically transfer to the "Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association".   This transfer of ownership shall include all rights of production and all royalties from the sale of any plaques/flag holders created from this mold.  (Motion unanimously approved by the membership)


Election of Officers


Officers for 2011-2012 were discussed and names presented.   Billy Graham will be Commander .   Justin Dimmitt was nominated for Senior Vice Commander.  Jim Miller accepted the nomination to remain  Secretary/Treasurer.  Roger Miner agreed to remain Chaplain.

Votes were cast for the above nominees and in all cases the nominees were elected by unanimous vote. 

These new officers for 2011- 2012 were sworn in by Commander Jaeger.


Motion was made by Gene Weber to adjourn the meeting, and the motion was seconded by Bill Farmer


All agreed unanimously                  cbonthemove”CAN DO”

  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

James A. Miller, Secretary/Tresurer                               


NOTE:  As of the July 11, 2011Deposit, there was a total of $1161.00 in the Island X-1 account. 

Bills to be paid are for annual member’s dues to National, the cost of two mailings and Seabee Plaque expenses.


Notice #1 - Next Year’s Reunion

July 14th 2012 - Muster 0900 hours

Aurora Vets Club