OFFICIAL MINUTES (Up-dated 09/30/09)

Navy Seabee Veterans of America

Island X-1     Kearney, NE

July 11th, 2008 Reunion

Aurora, NE


Commander Bill Henry called the meeting to order, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Chaplain Roger Miner gave the invocation prayer.


Secretary/Treasurer Jim Miller read the “minutes” from the July 12th, 2008 meeting.  Hilton Rogers made the motion to accept the minutes as read.  Ron Glasser seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Jim Miller reported a total of $625.49 in the Island X-1 checking account.  There were no outstanding bills. 

The use of the room at the Aurora vets club is donated by the Vets Club.   

The only outstanding bill at present is annual membership fees to the National Office.  Annual memberships will be sent in about the first of August.  (NSVA)


New Business


Bob Proctor presented the possibility of purchasing

T-Shirts for the Island.  These would be the same as the ones in the past.  It was agreed that 2 dozen shirts would be purchased.  The cost of these shirts is $340.39.  Bob Proctor  will have  the shirts made and they will be available from him at the next reunion.  (Shirts have been made and bill paid)

The shirts are in Bob Proctor’s possession.


The possibility of getting the regional representative for NSVA for a speaker at our next reunion was discussed.  Jim Hough will check into this and will make the arrangements if possible.


The idea of having a business type card made with specifics concerning the Island was discussed.  It was felt that this would be an easy way to explain the Island to prospective members.  Members voted to have these cards made.  Galen Young and Jimmy Hough agreed to get this done. (They got her done!)  Galen delivered them to Kearney, 9/20/09. 

The motion was made by Jean Fells and seconded by Tom Margritz.

The cost of these cards was $48.15.

The cards will be mailed to the members (6 cards each) with the first mailing (Oct. 09).


The monument in Lincoln was discussed and Galen Young and Hilton Rogers both commented on the monument and its up-keep.  Looks good! 






As of the 30 September. 2009, there was a total of $255.95 in the Island X-1 account.  The only bills at present to be paid are for two yearly mailings.  (Stamps & copying)         



Time and Place for 2010 Reunion


Notice #1 - Next Year’s date for the Reunion is:

July 10th 2010 - Muster 0900 hours

The room is available and has been reserved 

                         Aurora Vets Club



A Special Thanks to Jimmy Hough for contributing the donuts and coffee!



Money for lunch was collected from the membership.   (Free will offering)  A $36.00 tip was

put in the basket from the Island X-1 account.

Check was written by the Secretary/Treasurer.


Thanks to Angela McLain for the key board music she provided during our lunch!  This was a great addition to our reunion.  A check for $25.00 was presented to Mrs. McLain in appreciation.


Election of Officers


Officers for 2009-2010 were discussed and names presented.   Jimmy Hough will be Commander for 2009 .   Dean Jager was nominated for Senior Vice Commander.  Jim Miller accepted the nomination to remain  Secretary/Treasurer.  Roger Miner agreed to accept the nomination for Chaplain.

Votes were cast for the above nominees and in all cases the nominees were elected by majority vote.  The new officers for 2009-2010 were sworn in by Commander Henry.


Motion made by Ron Grabowski to adjourn the meeting, and the motion was seconded by Richard Lush.

All agreed unanimously


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

James A. Miller                               

July 11th, 2009 (Secretary/Treasurer)                         Date