Navy Seabee Veterans of America

 Island X-1        Kearney, NE

July 14 2007         Reunion

 Aurora, NE


Commander Tom Margritz called the meeting to order, and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Chaplain Jim Hough gave the invocation prayer.


Secretary/Treasurer Jim Miller read the “minutes” from the July 8th, 2006 meeting.  Bill Henry made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Gene Fells seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Jim Miller reported a total of $250.89 in the Island X-1 checking account and $50.00 in cash for a total of $300.89. 

The use of the room at the Aurora vets club was donated by the Vets Club. 

The only outstanding bills at present are annual membership fees to the National Office.  (NSVA)


Gailen Young gave a report on the status of the Seabee Monument. The Monument is complete!!  All bills for the monument have been submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer and they have all been paid.  The final bill from Trump Monument for $1595.00 was paid in February out of the Island X-1 account.     

The Seabee Memorial Monument account at the bank has been canceled as recommended at the 2006 meeting.


New Business


Concern was shown by the members pertaining to the decrease of members attending the Aurora Reunion.  We have lost a number of members due to death and to health problems.  It was recommended that each of us try to bring at least one other Seabee with us next year and to notify as many Seabee  Vets that we might know of the location and date of the meeting.  Also let as many as possible know of our web site.


Bob Proctor will be handling T-shirts and will make them available for $15.00 to the membership.  The shirts were purchased from Island X-1 funds for $158.35.


It was decided that a get well card will be sent to John Gogan.  John had an accident the 4th of July that resulted in a leg injury.  (Card was sent July 16th) 




Roger Miner gave a very informative talk on the Patriot Guard and the important role that these men have to play in funerals for veterans.  It is great to see our vets involved in such a worthy endeavor.  See info on this group at 

Thanks Roger.




As of the 16th  of July 2007, there was a total of $562.89 in the Island X-1 account.  The only bills at present to be paid are for annual membership fees to National.

Time and Place for 2008 Reunion


The 2008 Site for the annual Island X-1 convention was discussed.  All were in agreement that the Aurora Vets Club would continue to be the best place for the convention. 

Notice #1 - Next Years date is:

July 12th 2008

The room is available and has been reserved for the Reunion



A Special Thanks to Bill Graham for getting the Donuts! Bill has again donated the donuts.  Thanks Bill. 

The collection taken for donuts and coffee was put in the Island X-1 account..


$193.00 was collected from the membership for lunch provided by the Vets Club.  This was returned to the Club for food and the room which they provided.


Election of Officers


Officers for 2007-08 were discussed and names presented.  Kevin Navrkal, was 2007 Vice Commander, but did not report for muster at the meeting.  Commander Margritz was unable to contact Kevin so he appointed Jim Hough, who graciously accepted, to be Commander for 2008 in place of Kevin.   Bill Henry was nominated for Senior Vice Commander.  Jim Miller accepted the nomination to remain  Secretary/Treasurer.  Roger Miner agreed to accept the nomination for Chaplain.

Votes were cast for the above nominees and in all cases the nominees were elected by majority vote.  The new officers for 2007-2008 were sworn in by Bill Williams.


Motion made by Bill Henry to adjourn the meeting,

Second by Roger Miner .

All agreed unanimously


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



 James A. Miller                               

                                                         July 16th, 2007

 ( Secretary/Treasurer)                         Date