Navy Seabee Veterans of America

 Island X-1        Kearney, NE

July 8th 2006         Reunion

 Aurora, NE


Commander Roger Miner called the meeting to order, and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Bill Graham gave the invocation prayer.


Secretary/Treasurer Jim Miller read the “minutes” from the July 9th, 2005 meeting.  Kevin Navrkal made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Tom Margritz seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Jim Miller reported a total of $1,476.60 in the Island X-1 checking account. 

The use of the room at the Aurora Vets Club, was donated by the Club. 

Outstanding bills are annual membership fees to National, $99 .66 to Roger Miner for food for the reunion lunch, and $40.00 to be paid to Bill Farmer for cost of the Member Data Sheet Booklets. Most of the cost of the booklets will come out of the $2.00 donation by members. 

Gailen Young will send any outstanding bills for the monument to the Secretary/Treasurer when these have been totaled and identified.   

There is presently $38.19 in the Seabee Memorial Monument Account..  It was recommended that this account be cancelled and balance placed in the Island X-1 account.  Hilton Rogers made the motion to do so and it was seconded by Dean Everitt, motion passed unanimously.  

Roger Miner made the motion to accept the Treasurers report as presented and to pay any outstanding bills.  Seconded by Hilton Rogers and the motion passed unanimously.


Old Business


It was noted that Merle Barton, of Kearney, who was  the oldest known living Seabee in Nebraska, recently died at 106 yrs of age.  Merle's family was sent a card and flowers.  An effort will be made to identify who is now the oldest Seabee in Nebraska.


New Business


Gailen Young gave a report from the Seabee Memorial Monument Committee,.  There is presently $2,000.00 in grant money from the Lincoln Parks and Recreation that will be used to pay existing bills on the monument. 

Benches and accessories to the monument were made in India and will be installed soon.  He is not sure of the cost at this time but bills not covered by grant monies will be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer when they come in. Commander Miner accepted the committee report as presented.






After a deposit of $831 into the Island X-1 Account, 10th July 2006, there was a total of $2245.79 in the account.  The Monument Account has been cancelled. 


Special thanks was given to Gailen for all the work he has done this past year on the Seabee Memorial Monument.  Several others of you have worked on the committee and we all deeply appreciate your efforts.  Gailen will provide the Secretary with the names of those in Lincoln who helped construct the Monument and a Special Seabee Plaque will be given to this group. 


Representation to the National Seabee Convention was discussed.  It was suggested that Lavern Hass should represent Island X-1 and vote for us.  Motion to allow this was made by Bill Farmer and seconded by Jim Hough.  Motion passed unanimously.


Time and Place for 2007 Reunion


The 2007 Site for the annual Island X-1 convention was discussed.  All were in agreement that the Aurora Vets Club would continue to be the best place for the convention. 

Notice #1  -  Next Years date is:

July 14th 2007

The room is available and has been reserved for the Reunion



A Special Thanks to Bill Graham for getting the Donuts!  It was agreed that Bill should submit a bill for the donuts.  A check will be sent to him when received by the Secretary/Treasurer.



A Special Thanks to Roger Miner for providing lunch!

Roger will submit a bill for the food and will be paid out of donations for the lunch by the membership present.


Election of Officers


Officers for 2006-07 were discussed and names presented.  Tom Margritz, is the present Senior Vice Commander and will move to the position of Commander.   Kevin Navrkal was nominated for Senior Vice Commander.  Jim Miller accepted the nomination of Secretary/Treasurer.  Jim Hough agreed to accept the nomination for Chaplain.

Votes were cast for the above nominees and in all cases the nominees were elected by majority vote.


Motion made by Gailen Young to adjourn the meeting, Second by Tom Shimerdia.

All agreed unanimously


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,





  James A. Miller                                July 28th, 2006

 ( Secretary/Treasurer)                         Date