August 17, 2004


Subject:  Minutes from Seabee Annual Reunion Sent to the Island X-1 Membership


From:  Jim A. Miller, Secrtary/Treasurer

             5510 West 30th Street

             Kearney, NE  68845                PHONE:  308-236-9279



Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-1, Kearney, NE

July 10th 2004 Meeting


Commander Gailen Young called the meeting to order, and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Chaplain Jim Miller gave the invocation prayer.


Secretary/Treasurer Bill Williams read the “minutes” from the July 12th, 2003 meeting.  Bill Farmer made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Bob Proctor seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Mr. Williams reported a total of $1347.39 in checking, ($450.00 of this amount is in the Memorial Fund).  Outstanding bills in the checking fund were the use of the room at the Aurora Vets Club, $75.00.

There is presently $3976.86 in the Seabee Monument fund and that fund now has $4000.00 in outstanding bills.  Jean Fells made the motion to accept the Treasurers report as presented.  Seconded by Wayne Zeiger and the motion passed unanimously.


Bill Farmer made the motion to authorize the Treasurer to pay all “outstanding bills”.   Motion seconded by Wayne Zeiger.  Motion passed unanimously.


Old Business


     Bill Williams noted that a revised and up-dated list of Charter Members of Island X-1.  A list was passed around to those present and they were asked to sign the charter if their name is on record.  If there is a discrepency make it known to Mr. Williams.


It was noted that Merle Barton, of Kearney is the oldest known living Seabee in Nebraska, at 105 yrs of age. Bob Proctor Moved and Rich Lush seconded the motion to pay the annual membership for Mr. Barton.  Motion passed unanimously.




New Business


The current Island X-1 Web Site costs $3.95 per month.  Discussion pertaining to the value of the web site was conducted.  Bob Proctor moved to keep the web site, the motion was seconded by Rich Lush.  Motion passed unanimously.



Representation to the National Seabee Convention was discussed.  It was suggested that Don Kuntz of Minnesota should represent Island X-1 and vote for us.  Motion to allow this was made by Bill Farmer and seconded by Bob Proctor.  Motion passed unanimously.


Time and Place for 2005 Reunion


The 2005 Site for the annual Island X-1 convention was discussed.  All were in agreement that the Aurora Vets Club would continue to be the best place for the convention.  The tentative dates are July 9th if the room is available, and the alternate date is the 16th if the room is taken the 9th.


The ladies responsible for the nice lunch were acknowledged and thanked for the fine job that they did.  All agreed that this was a great contribution.


Election of Officers


Officers for 2004-05 were discussed and names presented.  It was noted that Ron Zeiger, present Senior Vice Commander would not be able to serve as the new Commander due his running for the State Senate.  His father Wayne Zieger was nominated for the position.  Roger Minor was nominated for Senior Vice Commander.  Jim Miller accepted the nomination of Secretary/Treasure.  Bill Farmer agreed to accept the nomination Chaplain.

Votes were cast for the above nominees and in all cases the nominees were elected by majority vote


Good of the Order

It was noted by Bill Williams, that Hilton Rogers has contributed much to the Monument Project.  It was decided that a plaque of appreciation and a list signed by those present should be presented to Hilton.  This decision was presented in the form of a motion by Bill Henry and seconded by Bob Proctor.  Motion passed unanimously


Galen Young suggested that the meeting be adjourned.  He also suggested that a Meeting of the Monument Committee be conducted immediately following the adjournment of this meeting.  These suggestions were considered and acknowledged as valid.  The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bill Henry and seconded by Bob Proctor.


Meeting adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted,





 ________________________________   July 12, 2004

      Wayne Zieger      (Commander)                 Date






Here is the list of those who contributed by a Special Donation to the Seabee Monument Fund.  If anyone was left off of this list, please let me know and I will be sending out an up-dated list with the next mailing.  IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO ADD THEIR NAME TO THIS LIST BY A SPECIAL DONATION, IT WOULD BE DEEPLY APPRECIATED.  WE STILL NEED ADDITIONAL FUNDS TO COMPLETE THE MONUMENT.        JM


Monument Fund Special Donations at Annual Reunion


The following brief notes were taken for the Monument committee during annual reunion meeting: