Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-1, Kearney, NE

July 12th 2003 Meeting


     Vice Commander Gailen Young called the meeting to order, and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Past Chaplain Bill Graham gave the invocation prayer.  Commander Keith Liesemeyer and Chaplain Roger Miner were unable to attend the meeting, so Vice Commander Gailen Young and Past Chaplain Bill Graham filled in for them).


         Secretary/Treasurer Bill Williams read the “minutes” from the July 6th, 2002 meeting.  Bill Farmer made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Hilton Rogers seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.   

        Mr. Williams reported a total of $1807.15 in checking, ($1450.14 in the General fund and $357.01 in the Memorial Card Fund).  Hilton Rogers made the motion to accept the Treasurers report as presented.  Seconded by Bill Henry and the motion passed unanimously.

    Bill Farmer motioned to authorize the Treasurer to pay all “outstanding bills”.   Motion seconded by James Miller.  Motion passed unanimously.

   After our meeting, Jimmie Hough presented the Treasurer with a check for $75.00 made out to The Aurora Vets Club as payment for the rent of the building for the day.  Mr. Hough indicated it was his way of helping us meet our Seabee Monument Fund goal.  Since we no longer needed to pay the rent on the building, Mr. Williams took  $75.00 of our cash receipts of the day and deposited it in the Seabee Monument Fund along with the $20.00 collected from coffee, cookies and doughnut donated by Bill Graham for at total deposit of $95.00, in the Seabee Monument Fund. 

     Gailen Young collected and deposited money from our “Auction” and the sale of raffle tickets  in the Seabee Monument Fund, via the Commercial Federal Bank location in Lincoln (at total of $1130.00 from proceeds from the auction and donations received).. 

    The membership discussed the “link” from the National Organization to the Nebraska Island, and saw no reason not to continue paying the $20.00 fee to remain linked to the national organizations website. 


Old Business



    Mr. Williams again brought to the Island’s attention that several “Charter Members” had yet to sign the  “Original Charter”.    Several more members (whose names were typed on the back of the Charter) were able to sign the “Charter”.    


   Hilton Rogers gave a report on the progress of the Seabee Monument Committee.  As of 06/27/2003 the Monument Fund had $3,311.24.  Hilton presented information, drawings and pictures of proposed designs and examples of other monuments, and announced that the Seabee Monument Committee would be meeting directly after our Island meeting, and invited all to attend and to contribute their input and ideas.  



  Gailen Young explained to the membership that the Ducks Unlimited Shotgun was “donated” by three friends (of one of our members) who wanted to help us raise money for our Seabee Monument Fund, but would prefer to remain anonymous.   We are making plans to honor these gentlemen (in some way) when the raffle is over in November of 2003.  


    Lavern Hass gave a report on the last National Convention he attended, as our delegate.  Lavern said that the emphasis of the last convention was “History”, and to “Keep History Alive”. 


 New Business 



  The membership discussed again paying the annual dues of Merle Barton (the 103 year old Seabee veteran from Kearney).   Bob Proctor made the motion to again pay the dues of Merle Barton.  Seconded by David Johnson, and the motion passed unanimously.  


   Lavern Hass expressed and interest in again attend the National Convention.  The Island voted unanimously to again designate Lavern Hass as our “delegate” to the national convention.


   Gailen Young announced that Barry’s Bar and Grill would sponsor a “Fund Raiser Dance” in November, to benefit our Navy Seabee Monument Fund.  Please contact Gailen if you are willing to help with this “fund raiser dance”. 


   Mr. Williams suggested that we purchase a unique “Domain Name” and basic “Web Hosting” account through www.godaddy.com ($9.95 per year for the domain name and $5.95 per month for web hosting).  The new domain name would be “ www.nebraskaseabees.com “.  The current web hosting account our Island is using is “free” but we must tolerate Tripod.com’s banners and popup ads.   The Tripod account is also somewhat difficult to upload and maintain.  Jean Fells made the motion to authorize Mr. Williams to purchase the domain name, and web hosting account through www.godaddy.com .  Seconded by Bob Proctor and the motion passed unanimously. 


Election of Officers  


   The Island held it’s annual “Election of Officers”.  Below are the results:


         The only nominee for the office of “Commander” was Gailen Young.  A “White Ballot” was cast, and GailenYoung was elected unanimously.

         Nominees for the office of “Senior Vice” were Ron Zeiger and Bob Proctor.  (Ron Zeiger received 14 votes and Bob Proctor 11 votes).  Ron Zeiger is our new Vice Commander.



        The only nominee for the office of “Secretary/Treasurer” was Bill Williams.  A “white ballot” was cast, and Bill Williams was again unanimously elected Secretary/Treasurer. 

       The only nominee for the office of “Chaplain” was James Miller.  A “white ballot” was cast, and Jim Miller was unanimously elected as our Chaplain.


Time and Place


    The Island discussed the Time and Place of our next “Reunion/Meeting”.  All (again) agreed that Aurora was the best central location.  Richard Lush made the motion to hold our next “Reunion/Meeting” again at the Aurora Vets Club.  Bill Henry seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 

   Jean Fells made the motion that our next meeting be held on Saturday, July 10th, 2004 (with and alternate date of July 17th. in the event The Vets Club in Aurora is already reserved on the 10th.).  Motion seconded by Jimmie Hough and the motion passed unanimously.  We received confirmation on the 10th. of July date shortly after our meeting.

   Our next Reunion/Meeting will be held on July 10th. 2004, at The Vets Club, in Aurora, NE.  See ya there! 

Good of the Order


   Nothing was offered for the “Good of the Order”.


Jean Fells made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  James Glasgow seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned.    




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                                                     Gailen Young    (Commander)                      date