Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-1, Kearney, NE

July 6th 2002 Meeting


     Commander Bill Farmer called the meeting to order and Vice Commander Keith Liesemeyer lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and our Chaplain (Bill Graham) lead us in a prayer.


         Secretary/Treasurer Bill Williams had previously distributed copies of the "Minutes" from the July 7th 2001 meeting.  Bob Proctor  moved to accept the minutes as distributed.  Mostion seconded by Richard Lush.  The minutes were accepted by the membership, as presented. 

        Mr. Williams reported a total of  $1386.45 in checking, ($1029.44 in General and $357.01 in the Memorial Fund).   He also owed  $75.00 to the Aurora Vets Club, for the rent on the building for our reunion.  John Gogan  made the motion to  accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, and to pay the outstanding bils.   Seconded by Richard Lush .  The motion passed unanimously.


Old Business


    Mr. Williams again brought to the Island’s attention that several “Charter Members” had yet to sign the  “Original Charter”.  They were invited to sign the charter after the meeting.


   Mr. Williams also brought to the attention of the membership that George Thelen (one of the two members ues were “refunded” by the Island last year) had not been able to cash the refund check issued by Island X-1, as it was apparently lost in the mail.  Bob Proctor moved to void the prvious check pay Mr. Thelen’s dues for 2002/2003.  Seconded by Gailen Young.  The motion passed unanimously.


    We held a discussion of the current status of the Seabee Monument Committee.   We learned that LCDR Bruce Davidson was “recalled” to active duty, and was unable to continue to serve as a “Chairman” of the committee.   After some discussion Hilton Rogers moved to “reactivate”  a new committee to “follow-up” on the Seabee Monument.  Wayne Zeiger seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.  The follow committte was selected to  “follow-up” on fund raising and design selection for the Seabee Monument to be place at Antelope Park, Veteran’s Memorial Garden, Lincoln, NE.


                Chairman   -   Hilton Rogers           Member   -   Kevin Navrkal

                Members    -   Wayne Zeiger            Member    -  Gailen Young

                Member      -   Keith Liesemeyer      Member    -  Bill Williams




 New Business 


 The Island also discussed the reimbursing “Lavern Hass” for the $15.00  registration expense he incurred while attending the N.S.V.A. National Convention last year in Minnesota.  The “delegate fee” was previously paid by the Island X-1; however, we did not pay the “registation fee” and Mr. Hass had to pay it himself.   Bob Proctor moved to “reimburse” the $15.00 fee to Lavern Hass.  Richard Lush seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  


       The Island discussed the “renewal”  of the Webpage information on the N.S.V.A. National’s website and the payment of the $20.00 fee to renew the information.  After discussion,  Wayne Zeiger moved to pay the $20.00 fee again.  Seconded by Dean Everitt.  The motion passed unanimously.


    Bill Williams told about the 102 year old WWI/WWII veteran in Kearney (Merle Barto) who served as a Seabee during WWII.  Mr. Williams suggested the Island consider paying for the annual dues of Mr. Barton.  Bob Proctor moved to pay Mr. Barton’s annual dues.  Motion seconded by Gailen Young.  Motion passed unanimously.


   John Gogan made a motion to “formally approve”  the Monument Committee’s authority decide upon a monument “design” and to “fund raise” for the monument, in the name of N.S.V.A. Island X-1.  Wayne Zeiger seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


  Bill Graham presented the “Sympathy Cards” he had designed on his computer.  The Island expressed their approval of the design, and thanked Bill for his efforts.  The Island also approved the purchase of a “Get Well” card from the Island to the wife Island members Gordon Hopp and Bill Sack.


   Lavern Hass expressed and interest in again attend the National Convention.  The Island voted unanimously to again designate Lavern Hass as our “delegate” to the national convention.


Election of Officers  


   The Island held it’s annual “Election of Officers”.  Below are the results.


          Nominees for the office of “Commander” were Keith Liesemyer (20 votes) Marty Poole (5 votes).  Keith Liesemyer is our new Commander.

         Nominees for the office of “Senior Vice” were Marty Poole (1 vote) Gailen Young (18 votes) and Ron Zeiger (2 votes).  Gailen Young is our new Senior Vice.

        Nominees for the office of “Secretary/Treasurer” were only Bill Williams.  Bill remains our Secretary/Treasurer. 

       Nominees for the office of “Chaplain” were only Roger Miner.  Roger Miner is our new Chaplain.


Time and Place


    The Island discussed the Time and Place of our next “Reunion/Meeting”.  All agreed that Aurora was central location, and by keeping it in Aurora we eliminated having to solve several additional problems involved with a new location.    John Gogan moved to hold our meeting next year, again at the Aurora Vets Club on the 12th. of July.   Richard Lush seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.   Confirmation with the club was received.



Good of the Order


   Bill Farmer led us in a tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th., 2001 and we honored those who have lost their lives in Afganistan and those who are currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. 





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